Monochrome Mist

A-ah, hello...

They call me Chrome,

Chrome Dokuro.

Nice to meet you...

Currently attending
Namimori Boarding School

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Ne, ne, so you're Mukuro-kun's beloved, hnn~?
Such a cute one. ♥
asks holylantern

Unsure and somewhat confused by the strange mans comments Chrome opts to ask a question in response.

"Ano…..ah, you know Mukuro-sama?"

Failing to spot anyone in the large and somewhat deserted school, Chrome decides its probably best to retreat to her dorm. 

Failing to spot anyone in the large and somewhat deserted school, Chrome decides its probably best to retreat to her dorm. 

The hall felt suffocating. The walls seemed to melt, conversation melding into a single uniform buzz. She couldn’t tell if anyone was addressing her, focusing on an object was a difficult task in itself.

“A-h, I’m afraid you’ll have to excuse me…I-I’m feeling rather ill. I’ll be in, my room if you need me…” With a final clumsy curtsy Chrome bailed left the celebrations.

eyes behind the mist.: @ chrome & on the way to the ball


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His bottom lip is victim to the grip of his teeth; the smile letting loose like wildfire across his lips.  There is a plan skipping about within the walls of his mind.

Do they really think they can take his beloved belongings from him~?

Sorry but, this is child’s play. And Mukuro doesn’t play nice.

Mukuro begins his devilish waltz across the tiled floor of the ballroom, his grace now a dangerous charm, before he arrives at the side of his Chrome.

“Ne ne~ Chrome, my sweetest. I didn’t know your cute self could charm innocent men such as these two fellows~”

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Freezing at Mukuro’s comment, Chrome could only let out a strained sort of giggle.

"Wh-what do you mean Mukuro-sama?"

Streaks of Red Across the Sky: @chrome,@lambo


Oh ….so its not him.

well if it’s him i shall dispose of him then.

(gives a dark chuckle)

(turns attention back to chrome and lambo)

well shall we dance , my Lady?

Just when Chrome felt that her face had resumed its usual colour G’s offer caused her to flush once more.

"I-I don’t really know how to dance…" That was something she was sure of the dance lessons her mother had forced her to take were sure enough proof. Two left feet, nothing more.

Streaks of Red Across the Sky: @chrome,@lambo


@lambo,@chrome(Sees a familiar view of a person with blue hair(Mukuro))


is that who i think it is?

(turns to chrome and lambo)

Who’s that bluenet over there?

(points to mukuro’s back)

Leaning to the left to see where G was pointing Chrome captures a glimpse of Mukuro. 'Oh, right, blunette, I see.'

"Oh, that would be Mukuro-sama"

Streaks of Red Across the Sky: @chrome,@lambo


“Yare yare….Chrome-chan is it? Pleased to meet you my lady.”

Lambo smoothly bowed back, smiling at the chances open to him.

Chrome let out a nervous laugh, hoping desperately that her face wasn’t as red as it felt.

"No need to be so formal Lambo-kun, we’re about the same age aren’t we?

Streaks of Red Across the Sky: @chrome,@lambo


Hey, my beautiful,

you’ve finally decided to grace

Chrome turns red at G’s charm. 

"Oh, nice to meet you L-Lambo-kun" Chrome stutters offering a little curtsy. 

eyes behind the mist.: @ chrome & on the way to the ball

‘That sounds like-‘

Turning Chrome was met with mismatched eyes.

“Mukuro-sama, yo-you’re here!” Initial happiness however, was quickly replaced by embarrassment upon realisation of her awkward stance of standing in front of the hall.

“Err- um, I was j-just wondering if it was okay to just barge in or not… ahaha – silly me” 

Look around and spotted chrome


(waves at her direction hoping to get her attention)

(shouts when she didn’t notice him)


Chrome’s head whips around at her name.